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Startup Labs is a community for building your first business.

It's a place where you'll receive advice, resources, tools, feedback and network with other entrepreneurs on the same journey.

Startup Labs is the community I wish I had when I started my first company.

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Please note, in order to keep the group intimate, and valuable, entry will be limited to 200 members initially.
Entry is not guaranteed. You will receive an email from me with further questions.

What's In It For Me?

🔗 Connections - The people you want in your corner.

🔈 Advice - Bounce ideas off people who have been there before.

📁 Resources - All the tools you need, at your fingertips.

💥 Accountability - You're surrounded by people on the same journey.
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Lemme At It!

Whose Doing This, Anyway?

If you read anything on this page - this is what I'd recommend.
I'm Simon. Great to meet yah!

I'm going to cut the shit, and go straight to the good bits.

I started Ship It because after starting and running a few businesses, I realized how valuable my network of connections had become. I worked hard to be build up those connections - from scratch.

Some of them were mentors - giving me advice when I was headed down the wrong path.

Some were valuable connections who can make an introduction to someone who would otherwise have been impossible to meet.

By far the most valuable though, were the other people building businesses, sharing the same journey as me. My fellow creators, founders and entrepreneurs.

They were the ones that inspired me to keep going. They were on the path with me, holding me accountable to my goals, I couldn't let them down.

The trick is finding those people. The business world can feel like a big place to swim around in as a small fish. The impostor syndrome is real. But it's so important to find your people.

When you build yourself a community that is aligned with your goals, anything is possible. The power of a collective of minds is incredible. When they're all aligned along the same vector, they become a force for change.

I built this community so that entrepreneurs like you have a group of people they can call their own. It's a place where you can build your business, share openly, and be held accountable to your goals.

I aim to keep the group small, spots will be limited. The point is not to be massive, it's to be valuable. When there's too much noise, you have to shout. I don't want that.

If you're unsure, pop me a mail. I'll answer any questions or jump on a call with you and we can hash it out.

PS: I named this Ship It because that's the goal of our community: Getting a product out the door. Shipping. Ideas are easy, actioning them isn't.

We're here to help you ship.

More, You Say?

Guest Interviews

I interview founders of businesses from around the world.

These are people that have built successful businesses in different areas and have useful insights.

I ask questions like: 
"How did you get your first 10 customers?" and
"What's the most valuable skill you've learnt on your journey, which you wish you had at the beginning?"

A Resource Repository

There is an open-source resource repository maintained by all our members.

Here are some of the things you'll find inside:
-The transcripts from our founder AMA's,
- A list of suggested reading,
‍-ook summaries
- Productivity hacks,
- Deals on software & tools,
- Curated tips from other members.

Weekly Round Up

It's a summary of the week's going's on in the group.

You'll get a quick summary of the following:
- New projects being launched,
- Updates on projects that are doing well,
- Call for help or partnership on projects that need collab,
- A summary of the best advice given,
- A one-line intro of any new members that have joined (so you can see how you can help each other).

Idea Drop

It's a place where we all share business ideas and get critique on them.

It's one of the best parts of the group.

Got an idea? Doesn't matter how big or small, we all chip in.

The goal is to stop people wasting time on ideas that'll never work. Action the ones that matter - forget about the ones that don't.
It's A No-Brainer 🧠

You're Next In Line

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PS: I'll never sell your information.