One year later!

What a co-incidence.

How much has changed in a year!

(I really should be updating these more often)

  1. I resigned from my job
  2. I started freelancing for a few months (to take a bit of a break)
  3. I got injured, and couldn't run for almost a year (just started running again now after a hip operation).
  4. I started a startup studio.
  5. I'm about to start building a B2B Saas business!

Here's what I'm busy with right now:

  1. Skippa. We're a product launch studio. We help fintechs and financial services businesses launch new products super fast.
  2. BuildWithNoCode is a place where founders and innovators can go to learn how to build startups without code.
  3. Reviewr is a B2B review tool that helps business owners in the hospitality industry get the feedback that their business needs to thrive.
  4. A whole bunch of exciting new products and projects that we're working on over at Skippa.
  5. My body. After a hip operation (kitesurfing accident), I am on the very long and slow rehab path to running again (finally).
  6. Re-kicking-off my writing over hirr on SimonBlogs. Probably going to change the name. I hate "blogs".

See yah!